New Web Content Management Features in SharePoint 2010

Rich Authoring

  • Improved standards and compliance
  • New digital media assets
  • Improved asset library
  • New metadata management
  • Search Engine Fields  – show up in page edit mode
  • Title, Description, keywords – all useful in SEO
  • Many fields provide auto complete and suggestions


New wiki page

  • Font is constrained in a page, but not in the wiki
  • When inserting an image from your desktop, SharePoint asks which library to upload it to, and then does it for you

Image content type

  • Copyright now a site column
  • Change position of the image with the text
  • Assign categories


New enterprise wiki template

  • Improved, fewer clicks
  • New ratings control on the wiki page
  • Ability to aggregate and use in rollup views

Content Query Web Part

  • In SharePoint Designer, ability to not only restrict to a particular library type, but also take a value and use it to drive the filtering. For example, pass in Location from the page and use it to filter results to US locations only.
  • Customize fields are now down in the GUI and no longer requires XSLT.

Branding Options

  • Out-of-the-box
  • Built-in theme
  • Custom theme and alternate master page
  • Fully custom


  • Operations have moved to a timer service which allows pause/resume support
  • More control on create hierarchies operation
  • UI improvements
  • Complements Multilanguage user interface (MUI) which includes user interface elements and taxonomy (not content)

Content Deployment

Point in time snapshots on SQL Enterprise with more logging and diagnostics


Publishing Workflow

  • SharePoint Designer enhancements for declarative workflows which means in addition to list workflows, you can have reusable and site workflows.
  • Import from Visio and Export to Visio – great feature for business users to design workflows
  • Seamless between Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer workflows


  • Traffic Analytics
  • Search Analytics
  • Social, ratings and tagging
  • Health monitoring and developer dashboard

Platform Enhancements

  • New Host Header Site Collections (vanity URLS)
  • New streaming in blob cache
  • Improved library scale
  • New user solutions

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