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Changing Domain Name for SharePoint 2010 Server Farm

If you are planning to change the local domain name of your SharePoint servers (web, application, and DB) don’t be afraid, the process is very easy but you have to migrate the Active Directory first from the old domain to the new one with the same user names and passwords.

In my case, the environment was hosted by Hyper-V  technology, and the following procedure taken:

  1. Prepare the new domain
  2. Migrate the domain controller / AD from old domain to the new one
  3. Change the domain name for Physical server that is hosting the Hyper-Vs (Joined it to the new domain) and then restart
  4. Shut down all Hyper-V machines
  5. Start the DB server and change the domain name, then restart it and keep it running
  6. Do the previous step for the Application server and Web Front End server in order
  7. After that the SharePoint environment will be running successfully on the new domain without any damage